Batting gloves reviews

Review of Mizuno vintage Pro G4 Batting gloves

Review of Mizuno vintage Pro G4 Batting gloves

The Mizuno vintage Pro G4 Batting gloves are one of the many special equipment and accessories that are developed by the Mizuno Company. The company takes pride in being among the first ones to be build on the concept of designing and developing the best sports equipment for baseball. And to emphasize the point, the company points to its rich heritage of being one of the best developers of high performance equipment. The following is a brief review of the Mizuno vintage Pro G4 Batting gloves. The review looks at the technical features of the gloves, how they function and other information about them that is important for one to consider when using them.

Important features Mizuno vintage Pro G4 Batting gloves

The Mizuno vintage Pro G4 Batting gloves have got a number of features that are important to consider. Although some of the features may be regarded as standard in all batting gloves found in the market, many of them are important in that they are unique to this brand. Their inclusion in these devices is meant to strengthen the position of the company as a maker of superior sporting equipment.

One of the most interesting features of the Mizuno vintage Pro G4 Batting gloves is the special motion arc line feature that enables the glove to sense the way your skin responds to the forces of movement when working. What happens is that this feature helps the glove adjust itself to the complex movements of your skin. This helps you get a nice feel as well as a good grip, particularly during the times when you are making the most complex moves.

Another feature of these gloves that is most likely to be of interest to you is the use of the Flex mesh technology in their design. This is a technology that involves the use of a specially built meshwork of materials within the body of the gloves. This is beneficial in two main ways. First, the meshwork enhances the ability of your hands to breathe when working under the gloves. This is a completely necessary process. Secondly, the meshwork enhances the flexibility of the entire gloves. What this means is that you are able to use them quite comfortably because of this technology.

Besides use of the Flex mesh technology, the Mizuno vintage Pro G4 Batting gloves have got special sensors that are embedded at special locations on the surface of the gloves. The work of the sensors is to detect special movements of your muscles at strategic locations on your palms. The end result is that you get a relatively good grip throughout the time you are using these gloves.  Furthermore, the good grip is important because it reduces the speed at which the gloves wear and tear. This translates into long years of use; an advantage to all.

Pros and cons of Mizuno vintage Pro G4 Batting gloves

Like any other device, using the Mizuno vintage Pro G4 Batting gloves comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. One key advantage is the level of comfort that you will encounter when using these gloves. As a result of the work of different kinds of technologies specially used in these gloves, they are completely flexible, well fitting and comfortable for use. Comfort of use is also enhanced by the special design that has been used in these gloves to make room for the fingers. Therefore, once the shape of the fingers is perfectly taken care of, one is in a good position to perform at an optimum level.

Another advantage that comes with using the Mizuno vintage Pro G4 Batting gloves is the ease of use as well as the high performance that they exhibit. Since the manufacturing company prides itself as a maker of high performance sports gear, it is no wonder that these batting gloves should perform beyond your expectations, particularly when you are using them for the first time.

Another advantage of using this pair of gloves is that they are the same type as those used by professional players. As such, owning them will give you a sense of emotional satisfaction; particularly if you are a diehard fan of the game.

One disadvantage of owning these gloves though is that they require a high level of care. Also, since they come in two main sizes: for adults and youth, it is important to get your right size at all times. However, since this is a common phenomenon in all types of batting gloves, it cannot be said to be unique to this brand.


The Mizuno vintage Pro G4 Batting gloves have a number of features that make them quite easy and efficient to use. Furthermore, the manufacturing company has built its name as one that makes equipment of superior quality. It is the same feeling that one gets when using these gloves.

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