Jordan Batting Gloves

Jordan Batting Gloves

The Jordan Batting gloves have been branded as one of the most unique types of batting gloves in terms of design, functionality and strength. The following is a review of Nike GB0319 Jordan Team Batting Gloves, one of the most popular brands of the Jordan batting gloves. The review is based on the special features of the gloves, the advantages of having them and general information about their performance.

A Review of Nike GB0319 Jordan Team Batting Gloves

There are several things about the Nike GB0319 Jordan Team Batting Gloves that make them quite popular. One of them is that they have been made and marketed as a premium product that is attractive to the high end of the market. There are several ways in which this has been achieved. The first one is that the gloves have been designed in such a manner that they are highly appealing to everyone. The color schemes, and nature of the material used makes these gloves appear unique when compared to the others in the same category. The second one is the pricing that is used for these gloves. This is meant to position them as a premium product; way above the other brands of batting gloves.
The second thing that makes the Nike GB0319 Jordan Team Batting Gloves popular is the way they function in general. The gloves have special features that enhance their performance. For instance, the kind of material used allows them to be flexible enough to allow you to make any kind of movement that is necessary while on the pitch. It is important to note that the ability of a batting glove to expand is a very important attribute that allows one to have the flexibility required to perform at an optimum level. Therefore, the fact that the Nike GB0319 Jordan Team Batting Gloves have been made to allow you to this without any problem is proof enough that the gloves have been made to be a premium product.

Furthermore, the gloves have been made with a ventilation mesh. This is an important attribute in that it allows your hands to breathe freely when you are using these gloves. The extent to which your hands can breathe is important because you need your hands to remain completely dry during play to help you perform at your optimum. Increased aeration for your hands when using these gloves is also ensured by the perforated fingertips. The perforation is important in that it ensures that your fingers are dry enough not to hinder your performance during the game.

The last thing about the functionality of the Nike GB0319 Jordan Team Batting Gloves is that they have pre-curved fingers that imitate the exact shape of your fingers. This is important because it enables you to function well while on the pitch, thanks to the perfect fit that you get when using the gloves. It can, therefore, be seen that all these attributes make the gloves highly functional when compared to the others in the market.

One important thing that you need to note about the Nike GB0319 Jordan Team Batting Gloves is their unique capacity to withstand intense pressure and last for a considerable length of time. The inherent strength of the gloves is as a result of the type of leather that is used in eth manufacture. The fact that the leather used in usually from a single piece means that the gloves have extra strength all through their lifetime.


In conclusion, the Nike GB0319 Jordan Team Batting Gloves have been rightly designed, marketed and positioned as premium batting gloves in the market. This is evidenced by the nature of the material used in their manufacture, the type of technology used in the process and other features that have been included in their design. The end result of all these is that you are able to get one of the best pair of batting gloves which will remain in perfect shape for a relatively long time.

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