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The Easton Vrs batting gloves are one of the most common batting gloves in the market. There are several reasons for this. One of them is that the brand has been in the market for quite long and has, therefore, won the trust of many consumers across the market. The second reason for the popularity of the batting gloves must be something to do with their overall quality. With good performance, many customers have offered favorable reviews which in turn drive sales.

Important features of  Easton Vrs batting gloves

The Easton Vrs batting gloves have a number of features that are important for their functionality and overall quality. One important feature is inclusion of the special palm pad that enables the gloves to absorb a high level of shock when in use. It is obvious that using the batting gloves exposes them to a high level of shock. If not well absorbed and properly dissipated, the sock may not only cause damage to the gloves but also reach the palms of the user, creating an uncomfortable feel. With the special pad that is well positioned, the Easton Vrs batting gloves are able to fully absorb such kind of shock and cushion you against the uncomfortable feeling associated with the shock reaching your body.

In addition to this, the Easton Vrs batting gloves have been made in a special way to enhance your grip when in use. This is so because of the type of material that has been used in their manufacture. The gloves are made of a special type of leather that has been woven in a diamond pattern to enhance its level of strength. This helps you to have a good grip when using them. Also, the extra strength serves to ensure that your batting gloves are able to be used under any kind of conditions without any problem.

Thirdly, the Easton Vrs batting gloves have been made with special wrist bands that can be easily adjusted. This is an important feature because it helps one to adjust the gloves and have a perfect fit, which is an important aspect to consider when using batting gloves.


There are several advantages that one gets when using the Easton Vrs batting gloves. All these advantages are as a result of the nature of the special features that have been incorporated in their design, therefore making their performance truly superior. For instance, one stands to benefit from the wide range of sizes that are available. From small to extra large, one stands to get the right type of batting gloves that fit to perfection. In the same vein, the gloves come in a variety of colors. These include different types that are of the same color such as black or white as well as designs that are made up of a combination of different colors which include the following: white, black, scarlet, navy and blue. Such a wide range of colors means that different tastes and preferences are well taken care of.

Another advantage that one stands to have when owning this pair of Easton Vrs batting gloves is that they will most likely remain functional for a long period of time. The ability of the Easton Vrs batting gloves to last for long is because of the quality of materials that has been used in their manufacture as well as the advanced nature of the processes that were used it its manufacture. These two aspects make it possible for you to use your batting gloves for a considerably long period of time. The long – lasting nature of these gloves means that you get value for your money. Besides, since batting gloves, like other sporting equipment, are not things that individuals purchase every other day, having long lasting gloves will be ideal to all.

The third advantage of using the Easton Vrs batting gloves is about the level of comfort that one enjoys. In general, these gloves have been designed with the needs of the user in mind. Therefore, the level of comfort that one feels by merely wearing them is unmatched. Besides, the materials used have been designed in such a manner that the user enjoys the highest level of comfort because of the enhanced nature of the air supply mechanism used.


The Easton Vrs batting gloves are a common brand in the market because of the wide range of features that they have. Furthermore, their ability to be used under any kind of conditions, to remain durable for long and appeal to different tastes and preferences of clients has contributed to their popularity in the market.

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