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The Easton Batting Gloves

The Easton Batting Gloves 

Easton is among the biggest manufacturers of batting gloves. Their gloves are popular among big league players for their exclusive and unique features which appeal to them at the first glance. As a brand, Easton is known for various reasons: it is among the oldest companies with an outstanding stature as a manufacturer of top notch sports equipment as well as other accessories. Their products include features that have been established by Easton with their expertise and continuous efforts that make them trendsetters in many segments.

Easton batting gloves are created from high performance, high class Diamond Cabrettaï leather which repels water and retains softness throughout. They have a pre curved finger design that will fit the natural shape of your hand thus giving you a natural feel while offering your best swing. Their wrist wrap has an oval diamond at the back of its hand and it is also embroidered. They have a unique Ergo Lock feature that offers the most custom-fit possible. Easton batting gloves also have Neoprene knuckle section that enhances the level of comfort and increases flexibility. The four-way stretch spandex back offers flexibility and high levels of comfort. They have a vented design that increases breathability.

Easton batting gloves are many but this article will only tackle four of the most incredible ones.

Easton Youth Stealth Core Batting Gloves

Perfect grip, sturdy and comfort are the excellent qualities that describe the Stealth Core Easton Youth Batting Gloves. These gloves are of top notch quality and will last you longer than the other makes.

The Stealth Core Easton Youth Batting Gloves feature a smooth Cabretta leather palm that provides excellent grip and feel. The adjustable neoprene wristband provides a secure, comfortable fit. Their breathable feel and lightweight offers a chart-topping comfort, fit and flexibility. They have a contoured finger design that prevents bunching and elevates grip and feel. The Stealth Core Easton Youth Batting Gloves will give you the smoothness, Comfortable Fit and Feel needed for the best performance at the plate.

Easton Youth HS7 Batting Gloves

The engineers at Easton understand what youth hitters require to succeed. The HS7 Easton Youth Batting Gloves will give you the confidence needed to make the best swing without caring about your grip. The engineered design and sheepskin fabric used to make these gloves raises their comfort levels to a higher standard compared to other brands. This smooth premium sheepskin provides soft leather with excellent comfort and grip. You will not notice these gloves due to their extra comfort and durable wrist strap. The wrist strap is Neoprene and provides a comfortable, durable and breathable wrist support. The zonal flex on every joint and knuckle is paired using 4way stretch mesh.

The HS7 Easton Youth Batting Gloves are durable enough to last you this batting season and beyond while giving you the edge you need to be the very best. Even the stitching and palm area will still look tight and good after using them severally.

Easton Youth HS3 Batting Gloves

For superior grip and second-skin fit, let your youth step to the swing with the HS3 Easton Youth Batting Gloves. These gloves will give you the comfort and grip needed for consistent performance at the plate. With their unrestrictive design, your hands will be allowed free-movement and ventilation while still maintaining excellent grip on the bat. These gloves are made with soft sheepskin leather on the palms to offer maximum grip and durability all season long. Zonal Flex on every joint and knuckle is paired using 4way stretch mesh to provide outstanding comfort and breathability. Each finger has some mesh that is designed to stretch in order to offer maximum comfort and control, which makes this batting glove stand out from the rest. The HS3 Easton Youth Batting Gloves also have neoprene wrists that have adjustable Velcro® closures to ensure a comfortable, breathable, durable and secure wrist support.

Easton Hyperskin – HS Turboslot Batting Gloves

Position yourself for power while wearing the HS Turboslot Easton Hyperskin Batting Gloves. These gloves definitely live up to the expectations set forth by Easton. With their exceptional comfort and durability, they will enable you give the best swing at the plate. Their outstanding design means you will look good and therefore perform well.

The HS Turboslot Hyperskin Easton Batting Gloves are made with Hyperskin technology that enhances the connection between the player and the bat by focusing on each detail of feel and fit. The power pad technology on the hand helps in positioning the bat in the player’s fingers to provide extra leverage for bat speed as well as more power. Its back offers a lightweight feel and an ergonomic flex

These gloves also feature a hybrid palm that combines leather, silicon and microfiber for improved fit, durability and grip. They have an adjustable neoprene wrist that provides a breathable and durable support.

The HS Turboslot Hyperskin Easton Batting Gloves are made with a distinguished style. They feature inner thumb padding, so that means there will be no more stinging hands. These are gloves that will hold up for a long time without tears or rips.

A well-designed glove should keep the youth hitter’s hands cool without any blisters. Investing in quality gloves is important if you really want to enjoy your baseball game to the fullest. Buying Easton batting gloves is the perfect investment that every batter should make. These gloves are long-lasting, light weight and have gel-injected foam pads that reduce shock and vibration to 76% more than other ordinary batting gloves. These gloves come in pair packs and have varying sizes to suit individual needs of every player. One more remarkable thing about these gloves is that they come in a variety of attractive colors like Red, Black/Grey and Black/Black. This way you get to choose your color according to your lifestyle and also one that matches with your team’s uniform. With Easton gloves, you are not only investing in quality but in excellent designs as well.


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