Custom Batting Gloves

Custom Batting Gloves


Custom batting gloves have become a sensation among users for a long time. The beauty of having custom batting gloves lies in the fact that you are able to decide how exactly you want your gloves to appear. Such details like the color, type of pattern, material used and even whether or not you would want your own name to be inscribed on the side of your batting gloves is an attraction to many. There are, however a number of things you need to know about custom batting gloves. Here is a brief examination of how this can be done for particular types of batting gloves.

How to customize batting gloves

The process of customizing batting gloves is not a complex one at all. What one needs to know is what exactly is required to make the intended gloves reflect the person’s desires. Moreover, the process has been made relatively easy by the use of specialized software that guides you through the process. Currently, nearly all the manufacturers of batting gloves have this software made available within on their websites. The software is meant to guide you through all the steps of customizing your batting gloves. By prompting you to make choices about particular attributes of your gloves, the software enables you to go through the process with relative ease and speed.


custom batting gloves

Franklin custom batting gloves

Major Custom batting gloves Types

Rawlings custom gloves

The Rawlings custom gloves can be developed quite easily using the easy to use custom builder that is available on the manufacture’s website. The process of getting a pair of Rawlings custom gloves is quite easy. What you need to do is follow the instructions of selecting among different options that are available. For instance, you will have to choose the basics about your gloves. This includes things to do with whether you use your right or left hand to throw, the position in which you intend to play when using your glove, the appropriate kind of shell back for your glove and finally, the pattern that you intend your gloves to have. This makes Rawlings a great brand to have Custom batting gloves.




For all these features, you will be presented by a range of options from which to choose. For instance, the position in which you intend to be using your glove can be chosen from a range of six different ones including, all, catcher, pitcher, first base, infield and outfield. In the same manner, you may choose the type of leather you would like your gloves to be made of from two options: pro preferred and heart of the hide. All these options are meant to give you a wide range of choices so that you get a truly custom pair of Rawlings batting gloves.

Mizuno custom gloves

Although getting the Mizuno custom gloves is an easy process as it is for the other brands, you will find it much straightforward and interesting as compared to the others. This is because of the manner in which its custom builder has been designed to serve you. First, you have to choose your throwing hand. The good thing with the builder is that the steps are accompanied by appropriate images which make the whole process quite exciting. Second, when getting your Mizuno custom batting gloves, you have to choose the position and the size for your hands. Although selecting what your position is may not be a problem at all, getting the right size of batting gloves may be a challenge to many. This is because of the not only the many different sizes that are offered but also the difficulty in getting the right size of your palms.

Therefore, the good thing of having the Mizuno Custom batting gloves is that you will own gloves that really represent who you are. Also, that you can further personalize your batting gloves by including personal engravings and other details means that your Mizuno custom gloves will really represent your personality both on the pitch and out.

Wilson Custom Glove

According to the manufacturers, the Wilson custom batting gloves actually pioneered the trend of letting players decide how they want their batting gloves to look like. To this end, they have ensured that they remain ahead of everyone else by letting clients build batting gloves that represent their form, fit, style and even type of play. What this means is that when you decide to get the Wilson custom batting glove, you will be able to choose what exactly suits you not only in the appearance of the gloves but also in the way they appear and function.

Basically, building your own Wilson Custom batting gloves entails making choices about over 40 different attributes. Although this may sound overwhelming, it is not so because the custom builder that you will use has been made to make the process completely easy and straight forward. You will be guided from step to the next throughout the process and all you need to do is make the right choices that reflect what you really want. Therefore, by choosing everything about your batting gloves, including the color, length of the laces and even the pattern, you will be able to get a truly customized pair of the Mizuno batting gloves.


Jimmy Rollins Custom Batting Gloves

Final thought on Custom Batting Gloves

In conclusion, it can be seen that the beauty of having custom gloves lies in taking part in the entire process of choosing the most important features about your gloves before placing your order. Many manufactures nowadays have batting gloves custom builders on their websites. The software have been made in such a manner that they are able to guide you through the process with relative ease. You are then able to make choices about different attributes to be included in your gloves. The end result is that you get batting gloves that represent your personality both on and off the pitch.


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