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Franklin cfx pro batting gloves-Review of best batting gloves

Review of Franklin CFX PRO Batting gloves

The Franklin CFX PRO  batting gloves is one of the most interesting gloves ever made in the market. There are several reasons for this. One common one is the prestige that comes with using the brand. You probably must be aware of the value that the brand has attracted after years of existence in the market. Indeed, Franklin CFX PRO has become synonymous with the MLB, thanks to years of marketing and developing highly effective products. Here is a brief review of the batting gloves. Basically, the review covers the pros and cons of owning the gloves.


 Franklin CFX Pro batting gloves

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There are many advantages that come with owning pair of the Franklin CFX PRO batting gloves. Many of the advantages, which are seen in terms of functionality, design and ease of use, are as a result of a number of technical features that have been incorporated in the design of these gloves. For instance, compared to other brands in the market, the Franklin CFX PRO batting gloves are highly flexible and adaptable to your use. This high level of flexibility is as a result of the use of the floating thumb technology. Its incorporation in the design of the gloves has made them highly flexible. This helps you to use them with relative ease at all times. Also, you will experience a much comfortable feel when using these gloves because of the type of leather that has been used to make them. According to the manufacturer,Franklin CFX PRO batting gloves have been made from a special type of sheepskin that enhances the degree of softness for you while at the same time maintaining a good level of strength to withstand the technical nature of its use. This makes the gloves quite useful to you under any kind of conditions. Also, since the leather that is used to make the gloves is cut from a single piece, using the Franklin CFX PRO batting gloves presents the feel of completeness and added strength because of lack of any seams or joints. In many instances, seams are the points of weakness in batting gloves. This is so because damage begins from there before spreading to other parts of the gloves. Now that the Franklin CFX PRO batting gloves are without such seams, their usage over a long period of time is actually guaranteed. Another advantage of using these gloves that is as a result of the technical features incorporated in the design in the perfect fit feel that you will experience when wearing them. Since the back of your hand is completely irregular in terms of the texture,Franklin CFX PRO batting gloves are designed in such a manner that they grip every part of the back of your hand. This gives you a more comfortable feel when batting because the material of the glove is able to follow the irregular contours at the back of your hand.

Additional advantages for franklin cfx pro batting gloves

There are several other advantages of owning this pair of batting gloves that are not as a result of the technical features. One of them is that the gloves come is a wide range of colors and designs that match those of different team colors. Although all the varieties are similar in terms of the technical features, the wide range of colors allows you to get exactly what you want to match your own desires and interests. Also, the fact that this brand of batting gloves has been marketed as being synonymous with the MLB means that when you own a pair, you will experience the feelings of patriotism and the American spirit that, according to the manufacturer, has been captured in their design. Although this may sound like a small matter, it is not so at all. Since many stars in the league do use such gloves when doing their thing, owning the same brand as them may really be a big deal to some people. So, if you are one of them, you probably will have had a deal when you own a pair.


Perhaps one important consequence that comes with owning a pair of the Franklin CFX PRO batting gloves is that they are relatively expensive. Compared to other similar brands in the market, these gloves retail at a relatively higher price. Furthermore, the level of technology involved in the design of Franklin CFX PRO batting gloves means that they have to be well taken care of. Any careless usage may result into damages which will be a costly affair, particularly when the cost of ownership is taken into consideration.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the Franklin CFX PRO batting gloves are well designed to help you experience a perfect feel when batting. Besides, their design ensures that they are strong enough to allow you do your work without interruption. Besides, their association with the major league means that owning them is a necessity for real fans, regardless of the price.

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